Our mission is to provide the highest quality and most innovative eyelash extension training for a better price. We believe that making the extension process more efficient means that extensions can be done faster and for less money, drawing even more consumers to the market. We are committed to making each client successful by providing a memorable experience through great prices, great products and great customer service.


Located in the heart of Sacramento Valley, Lash Class Sacramento was founded in June of 2016 by owner and Jenna Noelle. Through years of hard work and sacrifice, Jenna Noelle has grown to be one of the most successful practicing Eyelashionestas in California. Continued training, customer service and product quality are our cornerstones. We are innovators at heart, constantly collaborating with educators, suppliers and creative minds to push the limits of the beauty industry.

We hope you will join our dream in creating the largest eyelash extension training company in the world, embracing our ideals as we achieve great things together. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

From Jenna Noelle

I have been passionate about the beauty industry since a little girl. The art of hair and makeup has always fascinated me. So much so that in 2003 I entered the beauty industry professionally. I soon became a successful hairstylist and makeup artist but felt something was missing. LASHES! When I made the leap to enter the lash industry I never looked back.

Although it was a scary financial leap to take I felt that I just had to do it. Lashes have become my true passion and teaching others the art of lashing a close second. Giving people the power to become independent and successful with something they actually love doing is probably one of the best feelings ever. Seeing my clients faces when they look in the mirror and seeing my students faces when their clients light up is an amazing feeling.

Lashes are truly a feel-good service that I just can’t get enough of. I always talk about how lashes have changed my life and feel cheesy saying that, but have they ever! It’s so silly that a simple thing like lashes can do it but they can! Not only do I feel amazing with my gorgeous set of lashes on but I feel amazing helping others achieve their goals and dreams too. I love seeing my students work as they progress or hearing from them that they just hit a goal they had set themselves.

They have become a part of my lash tribe and I love them all. I want nothing but success for them and I am there every step of the way they need. Teaching people both about lashes and how to do this in the correct way, as well as, giving them business advice and tips and tricks I have learned over the last almost 20 years in this industry. I would love to add to my lash tribe and would love to hear from you if you would to be a part of it!

Xo Jenna Noelle

Owner and instructor of Lash Class Sacramento!